Question : Can you install ESXi on ESXi?

I have a test lab set up and I was curious if you can install a ESXi 4 VM on a ESXi host like you can install on vm workstation 7.

I tested it out and am getting a error that it failed to load lvmdriver, before I spend too much time trying to get it working I would like to know if it will even work and ow to do it. Can you manually add drivers like you can with ESX 4 server? If so how would I do that from a ESXi host?

Another alternative would be to just install ESX 4 VM on ESXi 4 host, but I am not real clear about how to manually load the drivers it needs to run on a ESXi host.


Answer : Can you install ESXi on ESXi?

You can install nested ESXes but you cannot install 64Bit VMs in the nested ESX. Just 32 Bit VMs are possible.
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