Question : Outlook 2007 Can't open this item. The Operation Failed

Gang, this is huge.  We've put better part of 12 hours into this.  Here's the sum of the problem, and what we've tried and the source of the what the issue is.    I just can't fix it.
Outlook 2007 connected to Exchange 2007.  4 users effected out of 10 running 2007.  These 4 users have one thing in common, the source which was a bad calendar item.
The behavior is this.  Once a user touches the bad calender object, they can no longer open/edit/delete recurring calendar items in the day/week/month view (yes its that specific).  They can open them in the recurring items view just fine.  In addition, they can't attach to Tasks, they can't assign Tasks, and when they try they get the classic "Cannot Open thie item. The Operation Failed" (on tasks you only get "the operation failed"
Now, what I've tried:
 EVERYTHING in EE that refers to this error.  So we've run the outlook command lines (clean folders, clean views, reset folders....).  We've Reinstalled, we've blown out the Outlook profile, we've blown out the user profile.  I've pitched everyone of the .dat files associated, I've even just gone in with a hatchet and started wacking registry entries under HKLM, killed the %user%\appdata, etc...  all in an attempt to get it to work again.  Now, users on O2k7 that haven't looked at this particular calendar object are fine.  Running these users agains O2k3 or OWA are fine.  It is 100% tied to a particular machine's O2k7 install but it affects All profiles once it happens.
Now, the fun part, this is effecting; you guessed it; the top 3 executives and their lovely assistant.  So, needless to say, this is hot.  I've horked up the CEO's so bad, it's on the desk being rebuilt.
Really don't want to rebuild 3 more machines over the weekend.  

Answer : Outlook 2007 Can't open this item. The Operation Failed

Found it guys, problem solved.  Obscure as it is, read this to keep in your back pocket for future reference.  Thanks for the help.
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