Question : Disable Driver Signature Enforcement during Windows 7 install

I know after you install Windows 7, you can Disable Driver Signature Enforcement. I am looking to see if there is a way to do this during the install of Windows 7. I have a Dell Precision Workstation that apparently has no "signed" driver for Windows 7. I am sure it will run fine on this computer, but it won't recognize the local disk. However, if you Browse for a driver, if offers the C drive as a acceptable and accessible location.

Answer : Disable Driver Signature Enforcement during Windows 7 install

UPDATE: Was finally able to install Windows 7.


I bought a new RAID card for the machine. This was able to work with out a RAID set defined. So I created my RAID 10 set and restarted installation. This failed. It did not understand.

Was able to download a driver from Adaptec for W7 x64 after multiple tries.

New driver found set and also saw old RAID controller. (Go figure!)

Anyway, it is installed and functioning on an uncertified Dell Precision Workstation 670.
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