Question : Delphi, forms in Dll and Threads

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I'm trying to build an application that works somehow like a plugin enabled system. The way I'm trying to do so is kind of unusual: I would like to do so using form's in dll's, passing the TFormClass to the main application (or better, and part of the question itself - main window manager - who is a thread from the main application). Ok, that's a bit confusing. The general idea is to have some kind of Thread managing everything thats related to: A - Data Access (Who comes from webservices - that one I would like to handle from connection to connection, single thread for each one, defined inside the dll form for now. We can think about some oo approach on that in another question), B: Form creation (so, each form - yeah, that ones who came from dll's - will be created from a worker thread, who is managed from the thread manager) and C: A main messages system, a bit like a IM System (Microsoft Messenger like), who will fill a ListView on the main application thread - Just a way to say to the user what is happening on the background.

So, after all this, the question is : How can I create one thread system, in such a generic way that I can use it to: Create forms (based on the TFormClass description provided - thinking that each form should have it's own thread - and they will be embeeded on the main application body using parent on create), handle messages from/to the server and one manager who can: destroy/pause/create each kind.

I'm sure I wasn't clear about the requirements, but I really don't know how to explain better then that. I think we can ellaborate it a bit on the run.


Answer : Delphi, forms in Dll and Threads

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To work with threads and graphics, you just need to use the win32 api directly instead of VCL.

Since I have found my own solution, I'll kill this thread.

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