Question : MOUSE -- USB Bluetooth Dongle ?

I installed a USB Bluetooth dongle (from, Windows 7 recognized it, I rebootted, tested my Bluetooth mouse after making sure to click the BLUE button on the bottom of the mouse to sync, and it still fails to work.

I am able to use the Bluetooth mouse on my other laptop that has built-in Bluetooth.

What am I doing wrong ?

Answer : MOUSE -- USB Bluetooth Dongle ?

If it does not boot directly from the hard drive without the CD/DVD Drive needing to be involved, it could be one of 3 things that is making this run oddly.

1. Bios is not set to boot from Hard Drive 1st.
2. The Hard Drive was not correctly setup with formatting prior to installation.
3. Issues with the DVD Drive reading the data from the installation CD could cause problems.
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