Question : Help with monitor stand (VESA vs universal stand)

I purchased this monitor, , which is amazing in itself, but the stand lacks. No height/side adjustments whatsoever, and the tilt barely holds.

I've come up with 2 possible solutions and would appreciate your assistance in choosing one.

First, is there such a thing as a "universal stand", one that accepts various monitor holes and has height and tilt adjustments?  I doubt it, but I thought its worth asking.

Secondly, where can I find out more about those stands you sometimes see in universities. The ones that are physically drilled into the back of the desk (or underneath) and 'hang' the monitor through the back VESA holes? I assume they would have height and tilt adjustments. Can anyone help find me some? or the price range?

Thank you

Answer : Help with monitor stand (VESA vs universal stand)

"VESA 75 and 100 LCDs use 4mm screws with 0.7 pitch."  as specified in the document ....

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