Question : Mailbox Quota full


I am getting the above error code when trying to send/receive using outlook 2007 on a workstation connected to SBS2008/Exchange 2007. I have tried the following:

- In SBS Console under the user I have unticked 'Enforce mailbox quotas'
- In Exchange Management Console > Server Configuration > Mailbox > First Storage Group > Mailbox Database Properties > I have unticked all storage limits
- Under Recipient Configuration > Mailbox > the properties of the user, I have disabled all Memory Storage Quotas and Message Size limit restrictions.
- Turned off using "cached mode"

I cannot think of anything else.

Note: The mailbox size is roughly around 20GB. Maybe there is a universal limit or something...

Answer : Mailbox Quota full


As per your update your mailbox size is around 20GB.
Also you are using outlook 2007.
By default, the limit for.pst file in Outlook 2007 and in Outlook 2003 is configured to be 20 GB
You are getting this error because your .pst is reached the maximum size limit.

You can increase the size of your .pst by editing the registry.
Follow the below article and edit the registry value.
It will resolve your issue.

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