Question : select records


I have a table in my database which contains the lead time information from my suppliers for each item.

I have a situation where I would like to know the supplier with the lowest lead time for each item.

I have so far been able to generate a disctinct query (below), however in some cases multiple suppliers will have the same lead time and therefore my query returns multiple records.


select distinct itemcode, min(deliverytimeindays) as Leadtime,crdnr,mainaccount
 from itemaccounts where itemcode like 'CX%' group by itemcode,crdnr,mainaccount


itemcode      Leadtime      crdnr      mainaccount
CX_RM1      14      1369      0
CX_RM1      14      2120      0
CX_RM1      14      5165      1

I would therefore like a single record to be returned  on a logic when multiple records exist (as above), whereby if the supplier is the 'Mainaccount' then return this, otherwise the supplier with the lowest number (crdnr)

Any tips would be very helpful.



Answer : select records

CX_RM1      14      1369      0
CX_RM1      14      2120      0
CX_RM1      14      5165      1

I'm not sure I understand what you want. Of the three records returned from your query, which one do you want returned and why?
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