Question : Movie Clip onRelease functions

Making a flash map in actionscript 2.0 (using cs4)

I have the different counties on the map separate movie clips.
When clicking on a county I have:


box1.onRelease = function(){

leaving it on the second frame of that counties movie clip (which is a different color) to show what has been selected.
What i need to happen is: When a second movie clip is clicked on, the previous one needs to go back to its  original unselected state only allowing one county to be selected at a time.

Let me know if you can help...Thanks!

Answer : Movie Clip onRelease functions

OK then - solution attached...

Here's an explantion of what I've done.

The root of the problem is that your buttons span two frames and the actionscript on frame 1 isn't available to the button when it's on frame two. So everything worked up until the point where the button was sent to frame 2.

The direct solution there is to duplicate the code on both frames that makes updating it a nightmare.

What I have done instead is use a 50% opacity to affect the rollover and switched the opacity programmatically so a two frame button isn't required!
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