Question : Router and switch for smalll business

we want to buy 1 router + couple of switch(3) for our company

we have small business company with maximum of 30 users spread few rooms

Currently we have a Dual Wan router (load balanced for internet) ,
we need to buy one ciso router for this

and i am thinking of buying
Cisco 1812
Cisco 1800

can you please confirm me that , its has Dual Wan RJ45 port ?? [  i know there is. but i need to make sure]
and which model to buy

also, will i be able to create DMZ in this router ??

or if there is any other model out there which has firewall and router

also, what switch you recommended to buy for us ( we need vlan)

note : we are not thinning to buy any products other then cisco and no reburbished , so we need some cost effective cisco products

thanks for your great advise

Answer : Router and switch for smalll business

Here are the models for that router

The 1811 and 1812 do have the 2 Ethernet ports you want.  The Lower versions just have ADSL ports.  Both of those models also have 8 switch ports that you would be able to split a DMZ off of.

As far as switches go, what do you need? Do you need any layer 3 capabilities?  If so go with the 3560.  Or if you would like stackable switches go for the 3750s.

If you just need layer 2 switches the 2960s will suit you fine.  You can also look at the LAN-Lite and LAN-Base IOSs.  LAN Lite is much cheaper but has some functionality stripped from them.

Hope this helps!
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