Question : IE version confusion.

We are currently trying to determine which version of IE is running on some user's PC. The problem is that the version reported when you click 'Help | About Internet Explorer' is different from the version of iexplorer.exe on most PCs.

'Help | About Internet Explorer' = v7.0.5730.13
iexplore.exe = v7.0.6000.16981

Which one is reporting the actual version?

Answer : IE version confusion.

I understand that you are concerned about Session Sharing.

Please note that Session sharing fails in the following scenario.

1. By default Load Balancing takes precedence over Session Sharing on a fully loaded server. New connections are routed to other less busy servers, rather than have their sessions shared with existing connections

2. It's applicable only for seamless application

3. Session sharing won't work if the published application properties or preference settings like colors, security, audio, etc. doesn't match.

4. Session sharing is a feature of the Program Neighborhood Client

5. Session Sharing does not Occur if you click on multiple applications at the same time
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