Question : Spring Webflow snapshots occupy too much memory.

Hi experts,
I have a spring webflow(V2.0.2) application.
Now I run the stress testing, but I found that spring webflow snapshot occupy too much memory, about 180K for one snapshot. and my settings is <flow-execution-repository max-executions="2" max-execution-snapshots="5" />, session timeout is 30 minutes.
but when i execute the logout action, I found snapshots still in memory. so I execute GC manually, but it doesn't work with the snapshot objects. And after session timeout, I execute GC, the snapshots objects are released.
My question is how to decrease the size of snapshots in memory. if I set max-execution-snapshots to 0, there will raise the SnapshotNotFoundException when I press back button in browser, and according to spring document, resubmit check is depend on the snapshot setting.

Many thanks for your suggestion.

Answer : Spring Webflow snapshots occupy too much memory.

Check this it may be helpful for you ?

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