Question : characters per inch and font points

does anyone know where i can get a chart detailing characters per inch and font size.  or better yet a formula. for example i know that font size 12 is 10 characters per inch.  i'm only ever talking of the courier font.  

there is a microsoft kb article 144501 that shows a few, but i also need the other values.


Answer : characters per inch and font points

AHA !!  Table cells and table borders all have margins and padding.  The first thing to do is get rid of it -- as a baseline, so you have no buffer.  This looks awful, but once you realize the padding and margins are there, you can calculate how many pixels they are taking up that cannot be used in font-width calculations.

TABLE, TR, TD  {margins:0 ; padding:0 ; border:0 ; }

That gets rid of everything.  FYI. the border is usually 2 px by default, margins are 2 px and padding 2 px.

Now look at these tables --

There are also calculators available, but the charts show the relations better
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