Question : Windows Vista, very slow to boot, Black screen

I have a Windows Vista laptop that takes a very long time to boot.

It was fine until one day this started happening. Basically you turn it on, it does the loading bar and then the screen goes black. It hangs here doing nothing for a good 5 minutes or so, then you see the welcome screen and it loads in.

The machine is only about a year old. I have tried using MSconfig to remove start up items, I have even tried a diagnostic startup and it still does the same thing.
If you load it into safe mode you see all the files loading, and then it hangs on crcdisk.sys for about the same amount of time, 5 mins or so then loads in.

I have run a memtest and also run spinrite on the hard drive, both of these found no problems. It doesn't seem to be anything starting up with the machine.

Any ideas?

Answer : Windows Vista, very slow to boot, Black screen

It appears that you have some sort of error or corruption on your hard drive. See if you can get a Hard Drive test program from your Vendor's support site and run that. Also, run CHKDSK (but without the /f parament) and see what it tells you.

Before you start any testing, make a backup of your important documents, email and anything else you want.
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