Question : return multiple resultsets with TsqlQuery

in Delphi 2010
Is there a way to return (and parse) multiple resultsets from SQL using TSQLQuery?
if not - is there anything else that can be used?

the tables have NOTHING in coomon or any possible jjoined data structures

For example  - all 3 queries..
1:    select  id,fiield1, field2 from table1 nolock where status>0
2:    select  id,fiield1, field2 from table2 nolock where status>0
3:    select  id,fiield1, field2 from table3 nolock where status>0


SAMPLE CODE is ALWAYS prefered ;)

Answer : return multiple resultsets with TsqlQuery

if the queries have no resemblence to one another, you can still combine them
providing they don't have too much columns using union

select 'table1' table_column, a column1, b column2, c column3, d column4, e column5, f column6, null column7, null column8
from table1
select 'table2' table_column, d column1, e column2, f column3, a column4, c column5, null column6, null column7, b column8
from table2
select 'table3' table_column, b column1, c column2, d column3, e column4, f column5, null column6, a column7, null column8
from table3
select 'table4' table_column, f column1, a column2, null column3, e column4, b column5, null column6, c column7, d column8
from table4

this is how you can read from multiple tables with 1 query and have 1 result
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