Question : How to configure Remote SPAN or alternative option on HP Procurve 2626-PWR switch ?


We have 5 hp switches in a star topology. All switches have 'Voice' VLAN configured with vlan id - 2. I want to mirror all the trafic of Voice VLAN to port 3 on the core switch.

I can remamber that in cisco switches we could just create monitoring VLAN and configure Remote SPAN to monitor complete Voice VLAN accross multiple switches.

We are in the process of implementing software based call logger and and need this port mirroring implemented. I know how to setup port to port mirroring with in a switch but any help with hp switches based VLAN to port mirror would be highly appriciated.


Answer : How to configure Remote SPAN or alternative option on HP Procurve 2626-PWR switch ?

Just firing off the top of my head here but the 8200 supports remote port mirroring.  With ProCurve’s traffic mirroring on the 8200, 5400, 3500 and 6200, you no longer need to monitor a port on every switch. Instead, you can send mirrored data from multiple remote switches to one local switch. The security appliance attached to this local switch can then monitor all the mirrored data, reducing the number of security appliances you need on your network.  I do not believe the 2626 switches are going to be able to do what you want unless you deployed Procurve Manager +

in the higher level switches (3500, 5400, 8200 etc) there is an option for remote mirroring.  I belive this is what you want.  I'm not clear if all the switches need to be higher level or just the core or "destination"  I believe that all do but more reading and research is required

Consult the
Monitoring and Analyzing Switch Operation
Traffic Mirroring appendix in the 3500-5400-6200-8200-Management andConfiguration Guide-Jan08-K_13_01.pdf guide on the HP procurve website.

some important excerpts:

Remote Destinations
A remote mirrored traffic destination is a ProCurve switch configured to
operate as the exit switch for mirrored traffic sessions originating on other
ProCurve switches. As of June, 2007, switches capable of this operation
include the following ProCurve switches:
C a u t i o n Configuring a mirroring source switch with the destination and traffic selection
criteria for a given mirroring session causes the switch to immediately
begin mirroring traffic to that destination. In the case of remote mirroring,
which uses IPv4 encapsulation, if the intended exit switch is not already
configured as the destination for that session, its performance may be
adversely affected by the stream of mirrored traffic. For this reason, ProCurve
strongly recommends that you configure the exit switch for a remote mirroring
session before configuring the source switch for that same session.

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