Question : Active Directory Query - "member of" shows up empty

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Trying to create a little custom query to show all users who are a member of "Domain Admins" in the ADUC console using the "Saved Queries" method.
I've attached a screenshot of how I set it using the "member of" attribute.. but for some reason it shows up empty.
Is there a way to fix this so it shows the users?
BTW - I already know how to get it via dsquery (so i'm not looking for the dsquery method). I would rather have the queries saved and displayed in Active Directory.

The query this checkbox creates is:
(&(objectCategory=user)(memberOf=Domain Admins*))

I've tried this way also and it fails to work:
(&(objectCategory=user)(memberOf=CN=Domain Admins*,DC=booyah,DC=com))
I even tried it with quotes around "Domain Admins" and that didn't work either.

Query Sample
Query Sample

Answer : Active Directory Query - "member of" shows up empty

Is that the right DN for your domain admins group (in that second example)

It should be in a container or OU, example

 (&(objectClass=user)(memberOf=CN=Domain Admins,CN=Users,DC=booyah,DC=com))


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