Question : Exchange active sync

I have a HTC Touch Pro 2 running Exchange active sync.  I just realized that it is not syncing my entire Inbox.  If I have 25 emails in my inbox, maybe 18 or so show up on the phone.  Even afer I manually sync the missing ones don't come over.  The settings are to take all email from any date, any size.  If I move the non-synced emails out of the inbox on my PC and then put them back in, they will then sync up.  Any ideas?

Answer : Exchange active sync

In that case - please have a read through my Exchange 2003 / Activesync article, check your pre-requisites, check your IIS settings, run the test on the test site and folow the solutions for any errors you see on the test site.

If you get stuck, please let me know.

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