Question : Brainstorm on booking system

Dear experts,

I am about to develop a booking system in ASP, jQuery, and SQL.
I would like to hear opinions, warnings, and of course code and sql examples are welcome.

The task is:

- Sign up/approve, block, edit users, and delete them again.
- Create and modify booking calendars (room)
- Overrule users, and do the same as the users
- Be able to enter days where you can't reserve (days closed).

- Book a specific item (spinbike) in a specific calendar (room), one hour at a time.
- Book more than one item (spinbike) in the same specific calendar (room), one hour at a time.
- Make the booking reocurr (e.g. each Monday) every week until a specific date.
- Is only able to reserve already free spaces (you book one hour at a time)
- See a list of bookings (date, time, item)

To do the booking, a datepicker in jQuery would be good, but it should also match with the dates blocked by the administrator. I am not sure how to handle this.

I am still in the beginning of this process - maybe a lot more ideas will come up in near future and a long the way! That also makes it difficult to give out points, but I will give points to the most qualified and reasoned posts.

Answer : Brainstorm on booking system

Sounds like a fun project. I did a booking system last year for travelling beauticians and my input would be reference everything as slots, don't go down the complex route of dealing with times. 9am can be slot 1, 9.30am slot 2 and so forth til end of day. It makes life WAY easier and SQL statements are a breeze.

Good luck with it :-)

/ Tobzzz
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