Question : XPP PC Can't Access Win7 PC

Hello Experts!

This WAY easier before Win7!

  • I am trying to access a Win7 Ultimate PC form a XPP PC.  From the XPP PC I browse to the Win7 PC and get a permissions error.

  • Both PCs are members of the same workgroup

  • Win7 PC has file sharing enabled.  Passwords are not required.

  • Added Everyone with full control to the subject folder on the Win7 C:\users\<my profile>\My Documents\<subject folder>

  • Moved above subject folder to the C:\users\public\public documents

Still can't access anything on the Win7 PC!  Not even the public folders.

What I am trying to accomplish is that I have a folder on the Win7 PC that contains all my admin drivers, apps for install, patches, downloads etc.  If I need to install say CutePDF, I browse to this admin folder from another PC and install the stuff I want.

Before Win7...all I had to do was right click on the folder...share it...and give read\write permissions to everyone.  Now it apparently has become quite a pain to accomplish something that used to be so easy.


Answer : XPP PC Can't Access Win7 PC

Please give very careful consideration to any recommendation that tells you to modify your firewall settings. It is almost always done by someone who has no actual knowledge of the efficacy of the various Windows firewalls that are part of both XP and Windows 7 - and you should never have any other 'host-based' firewall running on a Windows OS. (Perimeter firewall - yes, host-based - no.)

It should also be noted that frivolous re-configuring of Windows firewall settings will just about guarantee that some of the protections afforded will be downgraded.

In your original post, you mentioned that all of your computers are in the same workgroup (as are mine) and you mentioned having a 'shared' folder for your Admin Tools.

Your setup and mine are virtually identical and my suggestion was based on exactly what works for me.

Please give the "same username and password" suggestion a try and let us know if that worked for you.
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