Question : Windows Server 2008 R2: missing start menu of installed applications

we have a problem on our DCs that we already migrated to Windows Server 2008 R2 some weeks before.
When we wanted to install 3rd party applications (e.g. APC, SafeWord) some of the entries within the start menu are missing. We were able to handle APC as we set it up via url on the local machine.
In the case of SafeWord, which is an OTP software, looks like there is a greater problem.
3rd level support stopped troubleshooting now there might be a rights problem or a certain policy active that supresses the installation of the start menu folders. Support believes that something is blocking the "complete"installation of SafeWord.

We are not aware of any GPL on the 2008 Servers at all. I looked through the GP modellation for this server and there is nothing obvious that might caused this.

But, when installing these two applications on a standalone 2008 R2 we see both softwares installed properly.

Just the fact that we do not see the start menu folders is enough to be worried.

In the NT4.0 times we renamed the AD administratror account. The renamed account has all the rights of the administrator (schema-admin, organ-admin, ....).

Any ideas where to look first?

Much thx

Answer : Windows Server 2008 R2: missing start menu of installed applications

are you installing using the 'run as admin' feature so the installer has full access?

Do the installers have log files you can check to see whats actually going wrong?

check event logs around the time of the install to see if anything is there.

can you create items in the start menu folder manually on the user you are logged in with?
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