Question : Playing Flash Videos on an iPad or an iPhone

Hi, I've been a long time Windows user who recently began using Apple products (i.e. iPhone , iPad, MAC). At first I was absolutely taken aback by the performance and the elegance of the devices - Apple does make fantastic products. My enthusiasm was such that I quickly made the decision to begin the PC to MAC migration - completely.

I quickly realized that would be a big mistake!

From what I'm experiencing and reading about on the news, Apple products don't play Adobe Flash -- WHAT!?!?!?  Are you kidding...? There's an enormously huge amount of material out on the Internet that I depend on for my computing needs on a day-to-day basis that is Flash based. I keep getting an annoying message that states: "Safari cannot download this file..."

What can I do to resolve this problem? Apple users can't force the industry to change on a dime. That will take years and such a request is ludacris.  

There has to be a solution to this problem. - If anyone has found a work around - even if I have to get rid of Safari and run Firefox or something else, there has to be a work around, so if you have one please share it.


Answer : Playing Flash Videos on an iPad or an iPhone

Its only the Ipad, Ipod and IPhone that can;t use flash. Your mac should be fine. Just download the Safari plugin from adobe for Safari here:

If you wan to view flash on your ipod, ipad or iphone you can do this:
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