Question : Power Inverter Differences/Issues

Hi all,

I have an HP Netbook, HP Photosmart C4795 allinone, and a 400w cyberpower inverter that I'm trying to install in several semi trucks.  Can anybody help me figure out why the printer will properly power on in some of the trucks but not others?  The inverter is definitely getting power from the battery and is charging the netbook in all cases.  The inverter is "modified sine wave" which seems to be ok since it does work in some of the vehicles.

I do have a Xantrex 400w modified sine wave inverter that DOES work in ALL vehicles.  Unfortunately, Xantrex doesn't seem to make these inverters anymore and I'm not quite sure what to buy as an equivalent.  Both inverters seem to be rated the same for input  and just works and one doesn't.

400w seems like it should be fine with regard to output capacity as we tried a 1000w inverter as well with no luck.

I'd just like help figuring out why one inverter might work while another with the same specs would not.  Can anybody provide a clue?

Answer : Power Inverter Differences/Issues

Suggestion only

Possibly the Cyberpower output isn't as good as the Xantrex.  I'm talking about the modified sine wave rather than the total power output.  The printer might be expecting a more "pure" sine wave than what the Cyberpower can offer.

Again that is only a suggestion and you'd probably need oscilloscope equipment to check.

But wait for more comments from other experts.
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