Question : Dinkum template library "map" syntax

Hello, wondering if I could get a quick opinion on what this map template line of code is doing in the constructor of our review-subject's code:

void ComReactor::SetReactor(ComReactor * reactor)
map<int, ComReactor *, less<int> >:: iterator iter;

we are reviewing code from a commercial vendor, neither of my associates or I have any experience with Dinkum (or C++ templates), so we're not sure if that is declaring an object or not.  Or is it making the whole class "enumerable" in some way?

Answer : Dinkum template library "map" syntax

It actually declares a STL 'map' iterator ( which is used to iterator throug a std::map' which uses integers (the 1st template argument) as the key and maps these to a pointer to a 'ComReactor' object with the comparator used being 'less()' (
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