Question : migrating sbs2003 to a new sbs2008

We have a single windows 2003 sbs which we are using with exchange. We are installing a new sbs2008 server, and would ike to know the best rout for doing this. Should be build the newserver, install the OS and configure for use, and than move all of the shared data to the new location? Hoe do we transfer all of the exchange data?

Would we be better using a migration method. Does this retain all of the data and config of the old 2003 server, and set everything up automatically?

Does anyone have any opinions on this and better still some step by step instructions.?

The only other issue here is that the reason for the replacement was that the old server was hacked in to , and we are not confident in its security. Does this affect our decision as to which method should be used?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Answer : migrating sbs2003 to a new sbs2008

with SBS 2008 this is MUCH easier then it used to be. Microsoft has migration tools that make help with the transition and provide step by step documentation:

You should be able to do the migration without compromising the security of your new server as long as you scan the data files you copy over with a quality Anti-Virus package on the new server.
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