Question : How can I restore this Windows system disk?

Summary: Former good hard disk fails to boot system beyond "verifying DMI data" message.  The RAID volume can still be mounted as a data disk.  I am trying to restore it as a system disk.

Details: For years I used a pair of mirrored disks as my C: drive, the only drive on my system, turning off the system each night.  One morning it failed to reboot past the "verifying DMI Data".  I get a "no signal detected" error from the monitor and the system begins the boot process again in an infinite loop.

I cannot get the system into safe mode or any level of Windows, it will no boot far enough for that.  I have tried many things, none of them worked to restore the disk as a bootable disk.  This is a partial list:

1) I have a Full Windows XP install disk.  I have done  Windows repair and a re-install over the top of c:/Windows.  Note, this is a system REPAIR, not recovery.  I can still go back and try this over and over, Windows install offers me the "Repair" option each time, but it does not work.  It even tells me that it knows it has done a repair on that volume already, but it will try to repair it again.

Those will complete without error, but the disk is still not bootable afterward.  I have not done a format and reinstall, I do NOT want to do that

2) Try rearranging my 2 memory sticks, installed a different graphics card

3) Remove all unneeded hardware, which is just a PCI USB/Firewire card

Currently I have created another drive as a system disk and mounted my former boot disk as a data disk.  My system can boot from the new drive just fine, and my former disk appears fine, it never needed chkdsk or a raid repair.  Even after being mounted as a data disk I cannot boot from it.  This means all of my hardware is fine, my mother board, memory, graphics card, etc.

I was getting help from the motherboard manufacturer, Gigagbyte.  They suggest that a driver appears to be corrupted.  I am still working with them, but this seems to be a software issue, not hardware, since the system works fine with the new install.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to make this volume bootable again?

Answer : How can I restore this Windows system disk?

This seems to me like you have either a broken boot or mbr. Go to the recovery console and type:

It might be worth a shot. Something you can also try:
Download the manufacturer's integrity check tool and run a scan on the hard drive. Mount it as a slave, if you have to. Your hard drive could have malfunctioned beyond repair.

It could also be an $MFT issue. If you have a corrupt MFT, then only a format will get it working. Try a chkdsk on it first, though.
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