Question : Color management

Hi Experts,

I use light grey lines and shading in my MFC application.  On my PC, everything looks fine.  But when I install the app on my laptop, the grey colors are washed out and are almost invisible, unless I make radical changes to the display brightness and contrast settings.  If I darken the RGB values for the grey so they are visible on my laptop, then I lose the effect I want on my PC.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to best handle this problem?


Answer : Color management

Possibly bad news for you.
I have two monitors (same manufacturer, different models) on my development PC.
So the PC has the same operating system and graphics hardware.  Each monitor has the same resolution and colour settings.
A picture on one looks different than the same picture on the other monitor.

In other words it is almost certain you won't get exactly the same effect on another display because of physical differences between monitors.  The finer the effect you want then the more likely it is to give problems.
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