Question : What to use: application or virtual directory on windows 2008?

Here is the deal:

i have an image gallery that i build already and i want to implement this on different domains,, etc.

my image gallery needs to get the masterpage of the root directory to be inside that website.

but i also use resources from app_code and app_webreferences.

so how i should implement this, with application, it seams that i does not get the masterpage that are before that directory set as application.

and if i choose virtual directory it seams that my files inside the folder gallery does not get the resources from app_code and app_webreferences inside the gallery folder.

what i should do it?

here is the sample paths:

root folder
        gallery   ----- that one should be the application  or virtual directory?
               default.aspx  --- this file should get the masterpage.master from root directory.
                                          but also needs to use the themes and codes from those directorys here,
                                          inside gallery.


Answer : What to use: application or virtual directory on windows 2008?

Sure, there is a setup project template inside visual studio that you can use to create an installer for your application. It will set the location, IIS etc...

Unfortunatly, you cannot use an masterpage from another application. If you want to make this public and let others install your application. I'll go with the application and no virtual directory.
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