Question : Joomla Re-install

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I am troubleshooting a component error on a live joomla site.  The hosting techs tell me that joomla is showing as 'not installed'.  I assured them that it was working since I can manipulate the site via the admin backend but the said that is simply a funciton of the PHP files on the site and the database.  However the entire framework may not be correctly config'd and set up properly.

So... I'd like to follow thier instructions in launching the automated installer.  I have a full backup of the site and  DB. The question is this:  Can I expect Joomla to simply pickup the files, components, and DB tables after a re-install of Joomla if they are all in the same location or am I dreaming.  I'd like to think that a re-install of Joomla will simply connect to and pick up  the exisitng site files and mySQL db as constructed by the previous installation.  What do you think?  Is common to re-install the framework around a live site and have it run normally?



Answer : Joomla Re-install

Is their tech department talking about using an installer such as Fantistico?

In any case, for them to do s fresh install of a "virgin" joomla site and then have your backup "pick up" the existing site is not going to happen.

Better for you to tell us what component is causing the error.

Also what did you use for your backup program?  I suggest the free and excellent program Akeeba backup.'

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