Question : Print jobs starting very slowly on HP laser

I installed a new, fast, XP computer for the customer today.  It is very slow to start print jobs on their HP 4250, and I need some suggestions on how to fix it.  A two line notepad doc takes 15 seconds to start.  A half page doc from their accounting program takes 70 seconds to start.  A single page from a website takes well over two minutes to start (I quit waiting and cancelled it).  Once they start printing, they are fast as usual.  The moment the job is sent from the computer, the printer immediately starts showing 'data received' and 'processing job' on the printer's screen, and the 'data' light blinks.

They are connected via USB.  I have plugged into multiple ports on the computer.  I have downloaded the latest PCL6 drivers from the HP site, and also tried installing the original CD that came with it.  The printer has the standard 48MB that came with it, and it never was this slow in the past--especially with simple text docs.

The customer is unhappy and pressing me for a solution, so I'm hoping someone has suggestions I can try.  TIA

Answer : Print jobs starting very slowly on HP laser

Here is a solution that may help someone down the road:

I had a PCI parallel card with me, and the 4250 has a parallel port.  I installed the card, hooked up a parallel cable, and changed the port on the printer properties....and it all works fine.  Nice and fast like it's supposed to.  I don't know WHY, but it now works great.
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