Question : How to equal current date in access

I have a form that pulls records in a list.  I am wanting to pull only the records that have the date equal to current date.  Any ideas how to do this in a Where clause?

Answer : How to equal current date in access

also, it is not a good idea of having name of field to be the same name of the table.

strQuery = "SELECT [Call Back].ID, [Call Back].[Project Name], [Call Back].[Membership Number], [Call Back].[First Name], [Call Back].[Last Name], [Call Back].[Phone Number], [Call Back].[Membership Type], [Call Back].Associate, [Call Back].Status, [Call Back].Comments, [Call Back].[Call Back] FROM [Call Back] WHERE [Membership Type] = 'Advantage Plus' AND [Call Back].[Call Back]= Date()"
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