Question : Opening a xml-file with component TClientDataset.


I have a Datasource1, a ClientDataSet and a DBGrid on my form.
I have adjusted the following:
=> Set property DataSet from DataSource1 to ClientDataSet1.
=> Set property DataSource from DBGrid1 to DataSource1
=> Set property FileName from ClientDataSet1 to the xml-file in my folder

When I set ClientDataSet property Active to True I get the message:
Mismatch in datapacket.

What do I have to do to make this work, there is also a tutorial on the
internet how to do it. Explained in the first minute of the movie.:

Delphi Programming Tutorial #24 - DBGrid OnDrawColumnCell

But I can not make it work. I think it has to do
something with the xml-file.

Who knows the answer and is willing to help me or give me an example.


Peter Kiers

Answer : Opening a xml-file with component TClientDataset.

im asking you if you have downloaded the xml file, the link that i gave you, did you test it? and does it loads in your clientdataset?
download the xml file then test it with your clientdataset
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