Question : Adobe Flash Player Registry Settings

I'm trying to find a thread that was previously posted about this, but I'm unable to find it amongst the hundreds of unrelated results that I get.

I'm trying to create a REG file that will adjust the security settings for Adobe Flash Player 10.1. I want to disable auto updates and secure flash player in general.

Can anyone help me out? I've consulted the Adobe Administration guide, but I'm getting no where.

Thanks in advance!

Answer : Adobe Flash Player Registry Settings

I assume this is the doc you've been consulting -

On page 33 it says

"...Update options
Update options let the user specify whether Flash Player should display a notification when a new version is available, and how frequently to check for new versions. You can use the “AutoUpdateDisable” on page 26 and “AutoUpdateInterval” on page 26 settings in the mms.cfg file to prevent the user from choosing auto-update or to override the frequency of checking for new versions.

However, there is no way to ensure that the user doesn’t disable auto-update; that is, there is no way to ensure that a user will choose to be notified when a new version of Flash Player is available.
To specify auto-update settings, the user uses the Global Notifications Settings Panel ("

Any help ?
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