Question : Informix Data Query

Using an access database with an odbc table link to an informix database. Trying to supply a date
qualifier to the query, when executing the query, the following message appears

[Informix][Informix Odbc Driver][Informix]Non-numeric character in datetime or interval. (#-1262)

Below is the query being used

SELECT swx_log_record.amount_req, swx_log_record.swx_setl_date
FROM swx_log_record
WHERE (((swx_log_record.swx_setl_date)=#7/21/2010#));

Answer : Informix Data Query

Problem is with:: myposter.load(file_still_URL);

To load image AS3:
                  var loader:Loader = new Loader();
                  var urlRquest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(file_still_URL);

Hope this will help.
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