Question : easy iis/owa question for a change - force https and no double login

here's an easy one for you - i dont feel like googling up the answer, so i offer points in exchange for time.

please DONT post just a link to some google result i have to go click around and read.. it's ok to cite your reference, but i want to be able to read the solution here in this thread

the setup:
exchange 2007 on server 2008 with IIS7 (of course)

for a change, OWA and activesync and iphones and droids are all working great (this is a totally new setup)
even SSL is awesome with my shiny new wildcard cert.

the only problem i have is, this:

when going to  from the outside world or from the inside, i get an IIS7 error saying SSL is required.  yeah ok, duh, why doesn't it redirect to https by itself.  i know there's a setting for this, but i cba to go find it right now - so - points to you if you tell me how to do it

when going to - i immediately am prompted for credentials via a popup.  i guess this is ok, but guess what - after i authenticate, i'm thrown into the forms based auth page.  why do i have to log in twice?  can you pick one for me and show me how to make the other go away?

note that this happens on /exchange and /owa - and of course i DONT want to break the functionality of the phones.

Answer : easy iis/owa question for a change - force https and no double login

Here's a possible workaround:

It's a lot of steps to paste here, but essentially it's about creating a custom error page for 403.4 errors and have that do a javascript redirect to https. It's described well there if you can stomach going away from this page ;)

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