Question : Accessing an NT4 Share from Server 2008

I have a strange situation where I need to access a Windows NT4 share from a Windows 2008 Server.  The share on the NT machine is set where 'Everyone' has total access.  My XP workstations can access this share all day long with no authentication.  Any Windows 2003 servers can access the share with authentication domain\username and password.

The problem is that I've installed a new HP server with Server 2008 standard, stand alone (no AD installed or a part of), basically in the 'WORKGROUP' workgroup.  When I go to access the NT share, I get the username/pass box and when I enter in the administrator credentials I am told the 'Login is unsuccessful'.

I know the credentials are correct, they work with the 2003 servers just fine.  I can also login with the Windows FTP client on the 2008 server with the same credentials and pull up a directory listing on the NT box.

Anyone have an idea what is going on here?

Answer : Accessing an NT4 Share from Server 2008

Sure.. Here it is with the changes I suggested.
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