Question : MS Access - Generating combined values

I'll try to explain this as best I can. I have a database I'm making that needs to be able to generate a number based off of the value of 3 different fields, A, B and C. Each field submits its data into a record in the same table.

Field A - Combo Box - holds values "Bid" and "Job"
Field B - Text Box - holds the date, so it will show "7/28/2010" for today
Field C - Text Box - will hold a different 4 digit generated number that is manually entered for right now.

First question: How do I generate a combined value based off of the values of each of these fields?

Example - If Field A has the value "Bid" , Field B has "7/28/2010", and Field C has "5555", I need to be able to generate "B10-5555" and store it in the record as well. The first character of the value will need to either be "B" or "J" based on what was selected in Field A. The next 2 digits will need to be the last 2 digits of the year in Field B. Then the final 4 digits will need to be the value of Field C with a dash preceding it.

I hope this isn't as confusing to understand what I"m asking. Please let me know. I appreciate your time!

Answer : MS Access - Generating combined values

 me.text1=Left(ComboName,1) & format(textboxB,"yy") & textboxC

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