Question : Validate month and year fields based on current date

I have an Access table that has a year field and a month field. The year field is just a text box and I have a validation rule set <=Year(Date()) so that the user cannot enter anything in the future. The month field is a drop-down box on the form with January through December as options. I want to add a validation rule on the form that won't let the user select any month in the future based on the year field value. For example, the year field has 2010 as its value, so the user should not be able to select anything other than January through July in the month field because today's date is 7/22/2010.

Answer : Validate month and year fields based on current date

private sub txtMonth_beforeupdate(cancel as integer)
if me.txtYear=year(date()) then
   if me.txtMonth> Month(date()) then
      msgbox "you can not use future dates"
      exit sub
  end if
end if

end sub
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