Question : Lightweight network management for mobile workforce

I am working with a small (~100) user organisation of mobile workers which have laptops.  There is no domain controller or VPN currently in place and as a result the laptop estate is disjointed. Security configuration and software implementation is down to the users and makes support difficult for the IT team.

The intention is to introduce centralised tools and services such as security policies and shared storage areas, and potentially some shared applications.  

The "full" solution will likely require a full VPN/DC implementation with physical firewalls and servers (either purchased or hosted with a third party provider), but I am curious whether there are any "lightweight" tools or internet-based services to support these goals, particularly around security and control of the laptop builds and configuration.

Answer : Lightweight network management for mobile workforce

There are heaps of lightweight tools to assist.

Some I can think of is gmail integration.
vlite for custom builds of the notebooks OS.
various scripts to restrict user abuse and for auditing.
google apps for storage and applications.
web providers for shared applications.
dotnetnuke for portal access for instance.

But I would prefer to see a domain, sharepoint, exchange, isa server etc arrangement if you have money available.
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