Question : Word press choosing the last picture for my article

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See the first article in the preview view "MEG Reconquista WHITMAN"...

For some reason it chooses the thumbnail picture are the last picture in the article, is there a way to change that to the first picture? Right now it's showing a picture of Mad Max, but I want the preview picture to be the one below. How / Where would I change this setting?

I want this to be the thumbnail / preview picture (the first picture)
what I want to be the thumbnail picture

Answer : Word press choosing the last picture for my article

1) How to set the column widths on the grid (2 fields)
THISFORM.Grid1.Column1.Width = 20
THISFORM.Grid1.Column2.Width = 30

2) How to get the currently selected row from the grid (just use recno()?)
Yes RECNO() is OK

3) You have to remember _Pageno value in some variable (e.g. _LastPageno) after the first report and print
_pageno + _LastPageno
in the second report

Or switch to VFP 9 which allows NORESET keyword in REPORT FORM command
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