Question : group policy   missing options

Trying to change group policy on Windows 2003 server 64 bit R2 and do not see all the options on      
See screen shot of Gp windows components instead of what should be see second screen shot.
I do not see any filter enable. How do I get back all of my  group policy options?
current policy
current policy
should be policy
should be policy

Answer : group policy   missing options

Right Click on Administrative templates. Then click Add Remove Templates then ADD Button.

This will bring up the Policy Templates dialog. Highlight system.adm and click the Open button.

If prevoius doesn't help try this: (reboot your computer after that)

Start > Run > regsvr32 gptext.dll
Start > Run > regsvr32 fde.dll
Start > Run > regsvr32 ieaksie.dll
Start > Run > regsvr32 ipsecsnp.dll
Start > Run > regsvr32 certmgr.dll
Start > Run > regsvr32 wsecedit.dll
Start > Run > regsvr32 appmgr.dll

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