Question : DELETE DUPLICATE RECORD from TABLE in SQL Server 2005


How can I delete a duplicate record exists in table more than once.


ID   Datetime                           Name
1    07/26/2010 10:05 AM     John
2   07/20/2005  11:06PM      David
3  07/26/2010   10:05  AM       John

 I  need to Delete one record from existing table which Matches Datetime and Name.


Answer : DELETE DUPLICATE RECORD from TABLE in SQL Server 2005

If you post your current config (please sanitize it to remove passwords etc) you will probably get more accurate help than this.

There can be a few different reasons for this. Most probably it is not the creation of a configuration group that kills the l2l-tunnel but the way it is applied.
* Your remote-vpn is probably configured with a dynamic crypto map which is applied to the static crypto map. Make sure that this dynamic crypto map has a higher sequense number in the static crypto map than the sequense number used by your static tunnel.
* If you are using preshared-key add the "no-xauth"-keyword at the end of the "crypto isakmp key"-command to make sure that your l2l-tunnel isnt xauthed (asked for username/password).

Br Jimmy
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