Question : Internet Explorer Nonfunctional After IE8 Upgrade

Hi folks!

I've seen this happen on a couple of different computers, and I'm trying to track down an actual cause and solution rather than re-installing the OS every time it happens.

Got a computer running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 with Internet Explorer 7.  Running through Windows Update to get all of the patches, updates, hotfixes, etc. At some point, one of the "high priority" updates presented is the Internet Explorer 8 update, which I select for installation. Once it is installed, however, IE will no longer function. Any attempt to connect to any site returns a connection failure error. Even the IE icon in the Start menu changes from the blue "e" to the generic "can't find the icon file" icon.

At the same time, all other Internet connectivity appears normal. Network status and properties for the connection appear correct. Pinging other hosts returns a normal response. Other services such as telnet work fine.

So far, I've tried the following steps:

- Tried re-installing IE8 using the downloadable standalone installer rather than through Windows Update. No difference.
- Tried uninstalling IE8 completely and reverting back to IE7. Uninstall succeeds, but IE7 now displays the same broken behavior.
- Tried repairing winsock using the "netsh winsock reset catalog" command. No effect.
- Tried repairing the TCP/IP stack using the "netsh int ip reset [logfile]" command. No effect.

So far, when this has happened, the -only- solution I've been able to get to work is to start over from scratch by re-installing XP, which is quite a pain.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

- Tom

Answer : Internet Explorer Nonfunctional After IE8 Upgrade

Sam654 this problem is with win update not related to and hardware it's famous problem with windows update but if he uses XP SP2 and upgraded IE7 to IE8 with standalone as I used to that will work for him then he can install updates to windows

but becareful there is security update for IE cause this problem to it's (KB947864)

by the way this problem can be caused if you have firewall or antivirus
if all of the above didn't work try to uninstall your antivirus and if internet works install it again and see what happens
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