Question : Best method to check for HTTP status\ASP.NET


I am looking for a best practice recommendation on monitoring for the status\health of HTTP\ASP.NET on selected web servers. I have a monitoring tool that I am using to do this and this works well when I monitor for a single .aspx or .asp page but I don't want to rely on just a single asp or aspx pages the primary determinant. Monitoring for port 80 is not preferred either. Is there a predominate or primary option that would be best used to determine overall health of access\availability of All my asp or aspx pages on a single web server?

Thanks for the guidance and suggestions on this.


Answer : Best method to check for HTTP status\ASP.NET

The only way to truly monitor each of your web apps on the server is to be monitoring an aspx page from each website.  Since you may have sites running in various worker processes, it would be best to monitor at least one page from a site running in each of your app pools.  
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