Question : Access Report Using '=Format$'  asks for Parameter when Opened

I am exporting data from Outlook into Access2003 so that I can create reports.

I have the live data on a remote site (my customer's site) and I use a home grown export program to export various data - standard and custom fields.
The remote Access Software is 11.8166.8221 SP3

I then copy the database to my local machine where I design the reports based on the exported data.
The Access on my Local machine is 11.8321.8324 SP3

One particular report shows the New Contacts added each month. I have grouped the contacts by Month, and I use the following to format the data for the header:
=Format$([ol_CreationTime],"mmmm yyyy",0,0)
ol_CreationTime is a date field

This works fine on my local machine, but when I copy the database back to the remote machine and try to open the same report, it opens a popup window saying :
Enter Parameter Value:  Format$
Whatever parameter I enter, it displays as error in the report field.

I thought maybe I was missing some VBA features, but I have run add-remove programs and installed all the optional elements which looked relevant.

Perhaps I have an old driver somewhere - but I wouldn't know which one(s) to check.

Any suggestions?

Answer : Access Report Using '=Format$'  asks for Parameter when Opened

<<Any suggestions? >>

You have broken VBA references.  Open a code window, check tools/references.  note any that as listed as MISSING or BROKEN.  I none are, check any unchecked reference (doesn't matter which), close the app and access, re-open and uncheck the reference you just checked.

Then compile and save.

If still not working after that, you either:

a. have a corrupt VBA project and will need to use /decompile or import everthing into a fresh DB.

b. need to re-register DAO if your using it.


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