Question : Fake Antivirus program prevents any application from being launched

We have seen a lot of infections of "Antivirus 2010" spyware, a rogue antivirus program that does nothing but ask for you to purchase the full version to protect your computer.

This program is obviously a fake rogue antivirus, and it prevents anything from being run, be it internet explorer, antivirus programs like MALWAREBYTES, or McAfee and Symantec.  We are also unable to run task manager to even see which process is causing this mess.

In safe mode the same thing happens.  Ideally, is there a way to fix this without going into safemode?  We take care of a lot of computers remotely, and this infection is hitting many PCs.

Answer : Fake Antivirus program prevents any application from being launched

Few more thing that you could try:



Virus Effect Remover:

Virus Effects Remover

A repair tool to assist end-users remove the effects, of either a live virus or left over by a virus, in most Windows® Operating Systems (see requirements.)

Repairs and fixes OS items such as : Taskmanager
Folder Options

and it even repairs the Windows® Automatic Update, bringing it back to full operation again.

As well as many USB control options, not normally available in Windows® OSes, to protect our end-users, against accidental viral infections carried by any USB media. i.e. Pendrive etc.

Additional tools, help users track and kill the virus, and remove the infection from the OS. With just a single Operating System reboot to clear it all out, after cleaning is complete.

Now with comprehensive new Help file, and interactive PDF manual (requires Adobe Reader)

Main Features

* Easier to use NEW GUI interface, Buttons, Menus, and Tab pages. BMT.
* Plus registry integration fix, for the Windows® Auto Update process.
* New pages added for USB option, Suspicious file, & many new tools.
* Better NTFS Security details page. See the change log, in the new PDFs.
* Much lower memory foot-print, and more complexity in process scans.
* Much nicer new V.E.R.© version released on 14th March 2010.
* Improved Tool i.e. Clone Scanner, better English in interface.
* Improved quick links to all the Microsoft Management Concoles (MMCs).
* Interactive PDF with the FULL edition download. (18.7mb or 18.9mb .rar)
* Compact edition quick download, for modem or slow ADSL users. 7mb & rar
* Printable PDFs for USA letter paper, & European A4 paper are available.
* New installer(s) now create, all the shortcuts & all necessary icons...
* *.RAR versions added for download, at users requests, for some ISPs.
* Note: V.E.R.© requires the minimum of DOTNET framework 2.0 installed.

I hope that would help too.

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