Question : Can I use VBA in an Access pivot chart form?

I am using Access 2007. I have created a form that is in "pivot chart view". I am using a column chart-type, which I am using to display totals of income earned each week, with each bar representing a different week's income total.
What I would like to be able to do is to double click on one of the bars in the chart, and then use that double click event to open up a report showing the detail of that weeks income. I opened the chart in design mode and then put the vba code into the double-click event of the income field, but nothing happens when I double click on any of the bars in the chart.
Is it possible to use VBA in a PivotChartForm? and if so, how?  thanks

Answer : Can I use VBA in an Access pivot chart form?

Sorry, In the current versions of MS Access, PivotChart Objects (Series, DataPoints) cannot respond to Events.


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