Question : How can I shrink a LDF file of 54GB?

We have a SQL database of 6GB with a LDF file of 54GB. I have tried to shrink the database and log file, but when I choose shrink filetype LOG, and press start, the shrinking is finished in 2 seconds and I have the feeling that nothing happened. The file is still 54GB.

How can I reduce the filesize?
Is this logfile really necessary?

Answer : How can I shrink a LDF file of 54GB?

Do it via SQL Studio. Your backup software may back the logs up but you will still need a maintenance task to then shrink them or truncate them. Personally I find SQL's internal backup the best option and then use external software to compress and archive the backed up database. Once you have backed the log up and truncated it, you can delete the backup.

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