Question : OEM Crystal Viewer vs 3rd Party Crystal Viewer

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Background: I created a Crystal report using Crystal Report v.9 referencing a MS-SQL 2005 DB.
The "canned" application can not launch the Crystal Report and I am not able to create a VB (or similar) program to lauch the report.   (In the past) I provided a 3rd party Crystal Report viewer to the end user with great success  (I believe the developer was "Hammerman").  I am not able to locate said product.  I'm searching for a Crystal viewer so the casual end user is not temped/attempt to alter the report definition.


1. Should I attempt to use the Business Objects OEM Crystal "Viewer" or  continue with a 3rd party? ( I think the advantages of the 3rd party are price, ability to schedule, etc)  I realize end users can use the same product I used to create the report (Crystal Reports), but i don't want the end users to modify the reports.
2. I'm tring two 3rd party Crystal Viewers ( and  Should I try any others.

Thank you.

Answer : OEM Crystal Viewer vs 3rd Party Crystal Viewer has a list of viewers/schedulers etc you may want to checkout

I definitely agree it's advisable to go with a 3rd party applications (from a cost + functionality perspective). Also, avoid letting them edit the report as Crystal Reports can be more complex than meets the eye (end users are likely to break them!).

Unfortunately i have no first hand experience with viewers, i've always worked with applications which have a crystal viewer built in OR written my own.

Good luck!

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