Question : You Do Not Have Permission To Send On Behalf Of The Scified User

Hi guys,

I'm having some trouble setting up a mailbox in Exchange here is the situation.
Network spec:
- Server 2003
- Client P.C's run Windows XP
- Users run Outlook 2003
- Exchange 2003

I have a user in need of having 2 mailboxes he currently has an email address of "[email protected]" and he needs an address of "[email protected].

Here are the steps I have taken:
1. Copied his user in the active directory
2. Went into the properties of on the new user and gave a new SMTP address as "[email protected]" and set it as the primary.
3. Went to the mailbox rights and gave full mailbox access to the original user.
4. Set up a new profile within outlook on the user’s P.C for the new address (with the user logged in with his original account).

The user is able to access the mailbox and view mail but is not able to send any mail internally or externally he just receives the following error "you do not have permission to send on behalf of the specified user"
There is nothing in the "from field" he is able to send mail via our webmail server and if he was to log in using his copied account he would also be able to send mail.

A few users are in need of a second mailbox any help would be most appreciated


Answer : You Do Not Have Permission To Send On Behalf Of The Scified User

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